Work carried out in the year

In 2010, the most important work involved activities to reduce network congestion, to connect new generating plants (especially those fuelled by renewable resources), and to increase the reliability of the grid with ever greater attention to environmental and safety issues. The following is a summary of the main sites on which work was performed in 2010:

  • 500 kV d.c. “Sardinia-Continent” (SA.PE.I.) underwater cable: work was completed in 2008 on underwater cabling of the first pole (a total of 425 km). In 2009, civil engineering works were completed along with the construction of the buildings designed to hold the highly technological electrical equipment. Work had been completed by end 2010 on underwater cabling of the second pole (a total of 425 km).
  • 380 kV stations to connect renewable-resource fuelled plants: in 2009, site work began on 380 kV stations suited to reducing congestion and connection to new renewable fuel generating plants located in the areas of Turano, Maida, Bisaccia, S. Severo, Deliceto, Troia and Brindisi South. During the first four months, work was completed in the stations of Turano and S. Severo; during the second four months, the first stage of the Brindisi South station was activated; during the last four months of 2010, works were completed in the stations of Maida and Bisaccia.
  • 380 kV rationalisation in the province of Lodi: site work has begun with the construction of two new 380 kV power stations in the municipalities of Chignolo Po and Maleo; work has also begun on building a new 380 kV double threephase power line connection along the “La Casella-Caorso” line;
  • new 380 kV “SORGENTE – RIZZICONI” underwater connection: site work has begun and the civil works involved for the stations of Scilla (Calabria) and Sorgente (Sicily) are at an advanced stage; site work has begun and the site is being organised for the station of Villafranca (Sicily). Preparation of materials for the three 380 kV stations described above is at an advanced stage. For Scilla in particular, electro-mechanical and electrical assembly has begun at the 380 kV power station of Rizziconi, where works are underway to expand and install the 2 bays necessary for building the new longdistance line. Final design is still in progress, in preparation for executing the manufacture and laying of the 380 kV double three-phase underwater and overland cable; in the second half of 2010, sites began in relation to the preliminary works prior to developing the Favazzina tunnel and the sites for the 380 kV power lines (overhead part) on the Calabria side. Studies have been performed using the real time simulator of the protection systems used in the grid.
  • 380 kV “Ittiri-Codrongianos” long-distance line: at end 2010, the construction of the new 380 kV power line and the new Ittiri power station had been completed.
  • 132 kV “Val d’Ossola” rationalisation: the works, which had begun in 2008, were completed during the last quarter of 2010. The development of the new line has allowed for the demolition of around 90 km of old power lines. Painted tubular pylons have been installed along this line to reduce environmental impact.
  • 380 kV “Caselllina-Tavarnuzze-S. Barbara” long-distance line: during the last quarter of 2010, the works envisaged for the 380 kV were completed. More specifically, the following parts have been completed:
    • the new 380 kV section of the Casellina power station, as were the new 380 kV “Casellina-Poggio a Caiano” and “Casellina-Calenzano” connections;
    • the new 380 kV “Tavarnuzze- Casellina” connection, including the assembly of a number of Foster pylons;
    • the new 380 kV connection at S.Barbara-Tavarnuzze with the first three-phase line of cables entering the station of Tavarnuzze (approx. 5 km).
  • Replacement of conductors along the “Piossasco-Venaus-Villarodin” line: The first 2 stages of activity have been concluded for the replacement of conductors on the line.