Interconnector e Shipper

In implementation of the provisions of Law no. 99/2009 and Resolution ARG/elt 179/09, on which basis Terna selects the parties available for financing the interconnection infrastructures with abroad in the form of interconnectors and allows, as from 1 January 2010, for the use, by means of the assignment of the virtual import service ("shipping"), of the economic benefit deriving from the import of energy supplied from abroad, in December 2009, two selection procedures were organised, the first to select the parties to finance interconnectors and the second to identify shippers.
The interconnector procedure ended on 15 December 2009, with the assignment of 2,000 MW across the various borders:

  • 500 MW France – 35 parties selected;
  • 700 MW Switzerland – 24 parties selected;
  • 500 MW Slovenia – 11 parties selected;
  • 300 MW Austria – 4 parties selected.

The shipper selection procedure came to an end on 28 December 2009. This took place according to Resolution 179/09, whereby the Authority defined the measures and payments aiming to allow for the implementation of any provisioning contracts from abroad of electricity for the supply to withdrawal points of selected end clients, pursuant to article 32, paragraph 6 of Law 99/09. These measures provide for the introduction of a virtual import service to be carried out by one or more shippers, identified each year by Terna through auctions. The shippers thus identified commit to making a quantity of energy corresponding to that made available to them from abroad by the selected parties and, in any case, no greater than that corresponding to the transport capacity pursuant to the appointment for programming and planning stipulated with Terna by said selected parties, available to the parties with interconnectors on the Italian market.

Subsequently, Decree Law 3 dated 25 January 2010, converted with modifications into Law 41 dated 22 March 2010, envisaged an extension up to 500 MW of the capacity to be assigned as an interconnector. Terna set the new interconnection capacity at 500 MW with reference to a project for connection with Austria. In April 2010, Terna commenced the procedures for assigning these blocks of financing, giving priority - as established in the above Decree - to those parties who make binding commitments to make available incremental resources, by 31 March 2011, for the instantaneous reduction of their drawings from the grid. Consequent to the publication of Resolution ARG/elt 65/10 and subsequent amendments, this procedure was concluded in January 2011, as a consequence of the assignment of the interruptible service for 2011-2013.