Electricity business

Based on preliminary figures, Italian electricity demand for 2010 came to 326,165 GWh, a rise of 1.8% on the previous year (see table below). During the year, 86.5% of the demand for electricity on the network was met by domestic power generation (86.0% in 2009), for a total of 282,221 GWh, net of consumption by dispatching services and pumping, for an increase of 2.5% on 2009. The remaining portion of demand (13.5%) was covered by imports, for a total of 43,944 GWh in 2010, compared with 44,959 GWh for the previous year (-2.3%). Export trade was calculated as the difference between energy received from supplies and that sold to foreign customers. With regards to energy imported from abroad, a value of 45,761 GWh was recorded, showing a decline of 2.8% as compared with the 47,070 GWh


GWh Jan-Dec 2010 (*) Jan-Dec 2009 Change %
Net production 286,531 281,107 5,424 1.9
Imports 45,761 47,070 -1,309 -2.8
Exports 1,817 2,111 -294 -13.9
Pumping 4,310 5,798 -1,488 -25.7
Total demand for Italy 326,165 320,268 5,897 1.8
(*) Provisional figures.

The trend of maximum demands in power terms per month for 2010 is shown in the figure below, compared with the respective data for 2009. We note that in 2010, monthly peak values remained for almost all months above those of the respective months the previous year, with significant growth points seen in the first and last quarters.

The highest level of demand for power registered at any time in 2010 was at midday on 16 July when demand reached 56,425 MW. The 2009 peak was at midday on 17 July when demand reached 51,873 MW. The highest load in 2010 was up 8.8% compared with the corresponding peak the preceding year.