Security Operations Centre (SOC)

In 2010, the number of operative company sites monitored for break-ins and by video-surveillance systems increased significantly, thus now covering most of the most sensitive sites as specified in the agreement with the Ministry of Interior. In addition to these, we also have the areas involved by sites, which are monitored by systems that can be relocated.

In particular, jointly with the Carabinieri Police Force, the portal "Terna – Control Centre Carabinieri" has been developed to allow for the complete integration of the Terna Control Centre and that of the Carabinieri. Through this portal, information, images and videos can be exchanged in real time between the control room and the
Carabinieri patrols, equipped with "EVA" devices, sending the records from the monitoring room of the control centre, or the data collected on field by the patrols, thereby allowing for a rapid exchange of information in the event of a break-in. A similar integration has been started-up with the operative rooms of the National Police Force. With regards to the monitoring of information security, in 2010 company ICT resources were integrated (servers, management platforms, etc.) onto the Security Information and Event Management system devoted to monitoring and relating security events on ICT resources.

The office of company Registration Authority was also established, through which security services are supplied such as the issue of electronic signature digital certificates via the company platform, digital signature services and certified e-mail, with the use of systems external to the company (Infocert) in addition to services managing applicative qualifications. These services are in addition to the now consolidated monitoring of spam and viruses on company resources.