Domestic legislative risk

Laws on environmental protection
The activities of the Group are conditioned by the Italian and European environmental legislation governing electromagnetic fields. The Group may incur additional costs to implement environmental regulations requiring preventive measures to be taken or reparations to be made. At present, the government is working, with the involvement of operators including Terna, on the definition of the relevant regulations established by current legislation.

Laws on employment
More onerous regulations governing health and safety in the workplace might have an adverse effect on the economic/financial performance of the Group. At this time, no significant new measures are expected from the competent Institutions that might have a significant impact.

Laws on the consolidated energy market
The implementation in Italy of the Community directive on the matter of the consolidated electricity market 2009/72, on which the government is currently working with the preparation of the related implementation Decree, envisages the adoption of provisions of interest with reference to the separation of production and import, transmission, distribution and sales of electricity.