Strategic development opportunities

Grid continental systems

In the large “European electricity continent” the fundamental resource for operating in the present and building for the future is the availability of electricity. Today, Europe has a sophisticated interconnected electricity transmission grid that integrates tens of thousands of sources located throughout the continent and the leading national energy operators.

Technologically advanced, the grid must constantly be upgraded since each day new sources are added and new more efficient technology is defined; the close supervision of the entire system is the guarantee for its stability. All of a country’s activities depend on the availability of energy and the challenge in the next years will be to face a significant growth with new business models, new technology and major transformations. Terna has been assigned a central role in achieving these objectives. Moreover, the Company assesses international development opportunities through strategic initiatives in line with the Group’s growth objectives.

Initiatives located in areas that represent a natural extension of its present activities: first of all, the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Particularly in the Balkans, Terna is ready to grasp any opportunities created by the presence of private investors in electricity transmission and to support submarine cable interconnections in the Adriatic, first of which the interconnection with Montenegro, 415 km long. A new, major interconnection line with other countries, authorized in April 2011, will connect Italy with France, a record project for investments and technology used. In 2010, the Company became part of the shareholders of DESERTEC Industrial Initiative (“DII”), with the same share percentage as 17 other shareholders and 25 associated partners. The project’s objective is to produce and transmit solar energy and wind power to areas in the Middle East and in North Africa (MENA), both to satisfy the local demand as well as to supply approximately 15% of the European energy demand within 2050.
Abroad, the Terna Group offers consulting services to grid operators, enhancing its know-how and technological experience, with particular focus on quality of services offered and economic-financial efficiency.