Supporting cultureDuring research conducted for improving the new installations, carried out together with the local authorities, Terna has offered its resources for cultural initiatives that would allow sharing with the territory the value generated with corporate activities.

The Company renewed its support to the university world and was also involved in primary schools for educating on energy themes and environmental respect.

Terna’s commitment was also confirmed in enhancing Italian culture both nationally and internationally and the willingness to involve a wider public of citizens while also contemplating the accessibility to the artistic heritage. With the Terna Prize for Contemporary Art, at its third edition, the Company offered culture its entrepreneurial know-how that is translated in researching, creating and experimenting innovative solutions in developing the country’s electricity infrastructures at the service of culture. Meritocracy, creating value and opportunities, emerging talents and participating energies led the organization and implementation of what is today the most complete and complex project supporting Italian contemporary art based on the public/private partnerships that reflect a new type of entrepreneurial patronage of the arts.