In Terna’s activities, human resources play a crucial role. In people, the technical expertise lies that is distinctive, rare and unique in the electricity sector allowing Terna to carry out as best as possible its activities with high professional and operational efficiency levels and to achieve its corporate objectives.

The attention toward renewing this expertise represents a fundamental element in Terna’s management approach toward human resources. A second element that is just as important is focusing on occupational safety, required in operational activities marked by particular risks such as the work carried out many meters about the ground and maintenance activity along the high voltage lines.

Training plays a crucial role in guaranteeing persistence and development over time of technical, managerial and behavioural expertise necessary for the electricity service and more in general for implementing corporate strategy. Terna’s training programs are designed to provide people – upon entering into the Company and as ongoing training during one’s professional career – with the know-how and technical expertise required for effectively covering the various different roles within the Company. During 2010, 171,146 hours of training were held (+0.5% compared to 2009), 97% of which in the classroom and 3% on line, with 49 hours of training per capita (+2% compared to 2009); in brief, in 2010, 96% of Terna’s employees participated in at least one training course. With regard to safety, in 2010, activities for monitoring building sites and contracted works were intensified and – as usual – special focus was placed on prevention: the number of safety training hours increased by 6% compared to 2009 (49,222 hours, 24,222 of which intended for workers, 20,265 for employees, 3,897 for senior staff and 175 for managers). Terna’s focus on people is confirmed in restyling and enriching its corporate intranet contents “InTernamente” and in organizing broad participation events such as the annual internal convention We:Me and meetings with the management in its territorial offices. The artistic contest “CreativInterna” received wide internal consent even in 2010 and was dedicated to biodiversity during its international year.