Even in grid management, Terna focuses on environmental aspects. As part of protecting biodiversity, it is particularly important in building new lines to install dissuaders along the electricity lines. These are devices that make the electricity lines visible and perceivable to the birds in flight reducing the risk of collisions and installing bird houses on the pylons favouring the reproduction of various protected species. Both activities continued throughout 2010.

For the first time European Rollers, protected species that are closely followed in Europe, made their nests in the bird houses installed in the upper Lazio region.There are over 500 artificial nests installed and monitored by Ornis italica, the ornithologist association with whom Terna has been collaborating for years. Still in 2010, the study ended that was being conducted by LIPU - Italian Bird Protection League, as part of a specific agreement with Terna to assess any collision risk on the part of the birds with the electricity lines. The study, that was conducted in seven areas representing various different environmental typologies in our country, marked a first step toward scientific knowledge of the topic and identified appropriate mitigation measures.

As part of respectfully managing the environment and biodiversity, equipment containing oils with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) is being progressively disposed of.
Following the early elimination in 2009 of the oils with concentrations over 500 ppm, in 2010 a significant elimination occurred of those with concentrations over 50 ppm, decreasing to only 8 tons from 132 registered in 2009.